Interviews with Bros: Conner Barnes – University of Alabama

Bros do a lot of chill shit, pretty much on the regular. This bro from the University of Alabama is no exception. From being in one of the most broner-slinging, slampiece bangin’, Natty drinking frats on UA’s campus (Phi Kappa Psi), to mashing up his own music (which has recently been featured on, Conner ‘Conscience Jones’ Barnes is definitely a bro. So we here at BroCampus thought we’d ask him a few questions. Take notes.

Name: Conner B. Barnes

School: University of Alabama

Greek Affiliation: Phi Kappa Psi – Alabama Alpha (currently the president of our chapter.)

Describe to us the bro-scene at UA? Chill. Parties at UA are sick. Usually fraternities will bring in national acts and everyone comes and parties. We all wear our sunglasses to the parties cause by the time we’re through, the sun’s up…

What’s your claim to bro-fame? I mix my own mashup music. I have more recently been DJing our parties at the house. They were very successful last semester and we’ll more than likely have those type of parties this fall featuring myself and a younger brother who’s an up-and-coming DJ himself.

Tell us a little bit about your music? I like to mix music… It’s fun. I have tons of fun seeing what new music can come out of older stuff. When you mix things like Journey/Tupac and Dorrough/Red Hot Chili Peppers you can’t not have fun. When people ask me what I usually play/mix together, I tell them, ‘A little something for everyone.’ Chances are, if you don’t hear something you like, you will soon.

As a bro and an alcoholic, one of my biggest inspirations is the founder of Natty Light. A bro-god. You got any inspirations? I am studying to be a Music Producer/Engineer. If I had to pick one thing to do for the rest of my life, I’d like to work creatively with artists in the studio with direction, songwriting, production, etc. Whatever I end up doing, I will be still making music on the side, in some form or fashion. I just got together with a group of people trying to form their own music label group. I jumped on as a producer/engineer/DJ. Looking forward to it.

They say bros get all the babes. They also say the musicians get all the bro leftovers. You’re both. Have you been knee deep in strange lately? Ha, good question. They did at first. Mostly groupies and what not – whatever. Not really worthwhile or worth the time. But then most recently just one in particular. We’ve been dating for just over a year and a half now. She didn’t flock because of my music, which is why she’s the shit.

Being a mash-up artist, producer, and DJ is pretty bro, but what would you say is the most bro thing you’ve ever done? Got together with a couple of brothers during pledgeship and made a multi-floor beer bong. As in, one person would need to stand on the fire escape on our roof atop our three story house and hold it while someone was on the ground floor receiving victory. Other than that, I would say our shot parties sophomore year. Teams of 3 or 4 would get together and craft their own original shot and bring enough for those attending. You would take the shot off of a carved ice block.

Anything else you got to say to the brommunity? Thanks for your interest in me and my music. If you like awesome music. Be sure to check out the MIXtape… Free listens and downloads at

BroCampus would like to thank bro Barnes for his time. Pretty chill interview. Definitely bump his music. And take note, since he isn’t pounding in to that groupie puss, the rest of us bros might as well take advantage. Someone’s got to do it.


If you’d like to be interviewed by BroCampus, and think you’re bro-enough, email us at

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